About Us

Finding good quality tools at an affordable price can be difficult for homeowners, DIYers and even contractors. You want the best that’s out there but you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for your tools. Thankfully Proqualitytools has got your back. We’re a large-scale international used tool exporting company.

 We export professional grade tools for:

            Demolition and General Construction (Drilling - Cutting - Sawing - Grinding - Compacting)

            Floor / Wall Care (Cleaning - Sanding - Polishing -  Painting - Decorating)

            Tree, Lawn, Garden, Turf, and Farm (Care - Maintenance)


            Plumbing (Drain Cleaner - Pump)

            Backup Power Generator

            Air Tools

            And More

On occasion our containers will be too full or too heavy and we need to take a few tools out. Whenever we have these extra tools available we sell them at low prices. Because we primarily work with large scale exports there may be tools that are not available at the moment. However, we pride ourselves on customer service and value our small scale and large scale clients. So if there is a tool that you would like that is not available or not listed on our site, make a request in our contact us section and our team will get it for you. 


For those interested in an international order we have a 20ft container order minimum. Please fill our contact page so that we can better service you. 


Our technicians also offer lawn mower and snow-blower repair services.

For your convenience and to showcase our excellent customer service we offer FREE diagnostic test**

*Currently only available at our Headquarters location in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

**Must fill out information on repairs page.